Baker From All Angles 

They say the most riveting climbing stories come from tragedies. I totally agree, but success does not take away the beauty or pride of a well-executed climb or backcountry trip.

In the summer of 2016, I traveled to the state of Washington to not only attempt my first unguided glaciated climb, but to also stay in a secluded fire tower with breathtaking views of Mount Baker. I climbed Baker with my good friend and favorite climbing partner Han. After a flawless ascent, I headed back down to town to meet up with an amazing photographer and one of my best friends Brad North to trek up the Park Butte Lookout tower. Everything went smoothly, and I managed to grab some great images along the way. Hope you enjoy.


The Coleman Deming Glacier Route
whitney edits (2 of 27)Our approach to Hogback to build camp.

whitney edits (1 of 27)Mount Baker.

whitney edits (5 of 27)Han settling in at camp.

whitney edits (4 of 27)The colorful Hogback camp at the base of the Coleman-Deming Glacier route.

whitney edits (3 of 27)The summit in the distance beyond  camp.

whitney edits (7 of 27)Gearing up for our 2 a.m. alpine start.

whitney edits (11 of 27)The Roman wall.

untitled (1 of 2)Looking down from the base of the Roman wall.

whitney edits (10 of 27)If you look closely, you can see a tiny row of climbers ascending behind us.

whitney edits (13 of 27)Crossing a platte toward the summit.

whitney edits (15 of 1)The summit of Mount Baker.

Climbing Baker unguided was a thrilling experience, and one that will stick with me for a long time.

Image 6-21-17 at 9.25 PM
Coleman-Deming Route

The Lookout

whitney edits (19 of 27)

After a successful summit, I took a day’s rest and then made my way to Park Butte Lookout for a night. The lookout tower is open for backcountry travelers with expansive views of Mount Baker.

whitney edits (18 of 27)

Brad and I walked up into the clouds as we approached the lookout, so with no view we took some time to read a few entries left by previous visitors.

whitney edits (23 of 27)

As the sun set the clouds broke. We set out to get some shots.

whitney edits (24 of 27)

Changing weather made for some breathtaking views.

whitney edits (25 of 27)

One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever stayed.

whitney edits (21 of 27)

This lookout accommodates a small party on a first-come, first-served basis. We got an early start. That, combined with a little luck, landed us this perfect spot for the night.

whitney edits (22 of 27)

A clear night sky over Mount Baker.

whitney edits (26 of 27)

Morning views.


Another angle of Mount Baker.

Image 6-21-17 at 9.28 PM
Route to Park Butte Lookout

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